Facebook Launches Atlas Ad Network to Sell You Elsewhere

Facebook announced Atlas Solutions on Monday, an online advertising network that will allow Facebook to profit from your user data in places other than Facebook. With Atlas, Facebook will deliver targeted ads to third party sites and mobile apps, just like Google.


The Advertising Race - You're the Quarry

“We are bringing all of the people-based marketing functions that marketers are used to doing on Facebook and allowing them to do that across the web,” David Jakubowski of Facebook told The New York Times.

Facebook users could already use their Facebook accounts to login into a huge number of third party sites, such as TMO's comment system. Google and Twitter offer similar services, and Google has made a ton of money with ads on third party sites. Atlas lets Facebook get in in that action, too.

It kind of makes a fella wish that Apple would offer a third-party login system. Of course, Apple has little incentive to do so because it's not trying to make money by accumulating information about us to sell in the first place.

In the meanwhile, there's Ello, the social network publicly dedicated to the idea that we are not the product. TMO's Kelly Guimont offered a looksee at Ello earlier on Monday. Check it out if you're curious.

Image made with help from Facebook.