Facebook 3 Adds New iPhone Interface, More

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Facebook 3.0 for the iPhone and iPod touch finally hit Apple's App Store Thursday afternoon, bringing with it a freshly redesigned user interface. Many of the app's new elements came at the request of users, such as a customizable home Facebook home screen, and the ability to Like user posts.

Facebook's redesigned iPhone app interface.

Version 3.0 was designed to be easier to navigate on the iPhone, enhanced the post feed view, added the ability to RSVP to event invitations, and more.

Facebook 3.0 for the iPhone and iPod touch is free and available for download at Apple's iTunes-based App Store.




just checked no Facebook 3.0


Not there…7:34 p.m. Eastern time…


Actually it is there….just download the 2.5 version..and the 3.0 version loads…


I have it downloaded and running.  It’s a good improvement but it seems to make my phone (3GS) run really hot.


Anyone know what changed in 3.0.1?

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