Facebook Brings Native Photo Sharing to iPhone with New Camera App

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Facebook is moving deeper into the photo sharing game with the release of its Facebook Camera app for the iPhone. The app landed on Apple’s App Store on Thursday, and lets users share photos from their iPhone through their Facebook account.

Facebook gets deeper into photo sharing with Facebook CameraFacebook gets deeper into photo sharing with Facebook Camera

Facebook Camera lets users upload single or multiple photos to their Facebook timeline, view photos their friends post, tag images, crop images and apply filters, and more.

While the app sounds similar to Instagram — a photo sharing social network and app Facebook recently purchased — Facebook Camera is its own app. It offers a limited number of basic filters along with its cropping feature, and is clearly designed to fit tightly with Facebook’s own social network.

Facebook Camera is free and is available at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.

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Lee Dronick

No thanks, I am giving them as little as I can short of deleting my account.


I found it interesting all the head scratching with the Instagram purchase. While a massive collection, the gallery aspect of Facebook has been a disjointed, buggy mess from Day 1. They have the collection and resale of personal info down to a science… now the need to expand it’s media database at our expense is the next logical order in the minds of the megalomaniacs. It’s likely this app was already in development and clearly represented a patent battle. That’s why it was “worth” a billion samoleans…

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