Facebook iPhone App Gets Privacy Settings

Facebook’s iPhone app was updated Monday to version 3.3.2, an update that includes access to your Facebook privacy settings (more or less), as well as access to the Help Center. The update also includes a fix for a photo upload problem.

We say “more or less,” because while there is access to your privacy setting in the app, as you can see in the figure below to the left, that button merely pulls up the Facebook privacy setting in a Web page being rendered by the in-app browser. That’s why the text and settings are so small, as you can see in the figure below to the right.

That Web page, however, does give you full access to editing those settings — just double tap or do the two finger zoom gesture to actually see them.

Facebook is a free app on the App Store, and the update is available now.

Facebook Privacy Settings

Facebook’s iPhone App - Access to privacy settings, more or less