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Facebook is hosting a special media event on Monday, November 15, where the company is expected to introduce its own email service code named Project Titan. The service apparently includes a full-on Web-based email client and will give Facebook subscribers their own @faceboom.com email address, according to TechCrunch.

Facebook email may be on the way

Facebook isn’t saying yet what it plans to announce at its press event, but the invitations do hint strongly towards an email or message-related service. If the social networking company does in fact roll out a new email service, it could include features such as the ability to prioritize messages based who you interact with most on Facebook.

Assuming a new email service is on the way, that could account for a recent dispute between Facebook and Google over accessing contacts from Google Gmail user accounts. Google blocked Facebook users from moving their Gmail contacts to the social networking service, but a workaround has already surfaced that lets Facebook users get at their Gmail contacts.

Facebook isn’t dropping any more hints about its Monday event, so for now word that a new email service will be launched should be considered speculation.

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Knowing what we know about Facebook and their view on privacy does anyone really want to trust them with our email?

Jay Chambers

Facebook?s ?Titan? could be a real game changer ? there is no denying that.

I have written about some of the great things we could expect from ?Titan?, including a more social inbox ? but also written about the ?cons? such as spam concerns stemming from facebook profile names and more.


Hope you enjoy,


Didn’t FaceBook just say a couple months ago that they would render e-mail obsolete for most people since they would just become accustomed to sending messages through FaceBook and not need e-mail anymore? 

Looks to me like they don’t even believe that, or as @hueller implies, they don’t want to wait that long before they can scrape e-mail traffic for data they can sell to advertisers.






HU, when fb randomly and permanently deletes people for no fricken reason, as they did to me and many people I know, they have not a chance in hell of me using email from them.


Botox for facebook.com


i would not trust facebook with my private emails!


i would not trust facebook with my private emails!

It’s the internet, a public domain.  NOTHING is private!  Google, Yahoo and Windows Live are just as likely to screw up on their promise to protect users’ privacy.  The best code of action to follow when it comes to keeping things private is to keep private information off the internet, increasing the possibility that private information remains private.

Lee Dronick

Well on the plus side you can create a Mail script that bounces email from the facebook.com domain. smile


Why does everybody want to create his own email service? There is enough post services in the Internet and many of them are really good, for example gmail doesn’t cause any admonition. Also if company wants to support such service it ought to use for this goal powerful server which costs a lot of money. I think that Facebook just want to make a reputation on such actions.


It?s the internet, a public domain.  NOTHING is private!

Technically true, though one can use PGP encryption for email. On the other hand, my ISP isn’t in the business of selling personal data—with names and facebook IDs attached—to anyone who wants it. Facebook is rapidly becoming the mode of choice for scammers. I get lots of emails & Facebook messages from “friends” who forward some “amazing!!!” offer, like a FREE iPod touch or a $250 gas card. All one has to do is to buy a bunch of junk at some site, giving them one’s credit card info—including the 3-digit security code, address, etc.

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