Facebook Shoots Down Apple Funding Rumor

Rumors that Apple would be participating in Series E round funding for Facebook hit the Web on Sunday, leading to speculation about what type of involvement the Mac and iPhone maker might have in the social networking world. Facebook shot down the rumors, however, and by Monday morning the anonymous source that leaked the information had been debunked.

The rumor made its way to Mashable on Sunday, and at the time it seemed at least somewhat plausible since Apple has been working to expand its presence in the social networking world. The company’s Ping and GameCenter efforts seem to be off to a slow start, and getting friendlier with Facebook could potentially help Apple move forward.

Just because Apple isn’t dropping cash into Facebook, however, doesn’t mean the companies can’t collaborate. The two have allegedly been holding talks to find a middle ground where Apple’s iTunes Music-based Ping service can integrate with Facebook, and Apple even touted the feature when it first unveiled Ping.