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Facebook has hired Chris Weeldreyer, an Apple veteran who was the UI designer for iWeb and Numbers. Mr. Weeldreyer worked at Apple from November of 2003 to February of 2012, and his Facebook profile now lists his occupation as “Product Design Manager at Facebook.”

Chris Weeldreyer

Chris Weeldreyer (from his public Facebook profile)

Mr. Weeldreyer started his new gig at the social networking giant in June, and a four month gap between his departure from Apple and employment by Facebook suggests that this wasn’t necessarily a poaching acquisition, but then it doesn’t rule it out, either. Time off between gigs is often part of the deal when high tech companies poach from one another.

Relations between Facebook and Apple haven’t always been that cordial, but the two companies have seemingly grown closer in recent months.

To wit: when Apple designed its first effort at social networking, Ping, it did so with Facebook integration using Facebook’s API. Before it was launched, however, Facebook pulled Apple’s access and Ping launched without it.

At the heart of that tiff, reportedly, was Facebook being annoyed that Apple hadn’t asked for permission to use Facebook’s API, let alone come up with a deal for that integration. Facebook reportedly wanted access to Ping user information, and Apple reportedly didn’t want to give it.

Whether or not that was the case, the service launched without Facebook integration, promptly languished, and is largely been considered a failure, even by people who like it.

Now, cut to Apple’s WWDC keynote on June 11th, when the company announced Facebook integration into iOS 6 itself. This will allow users to log in once to Facebook on their iOS devices and access the service in any app that supports it. Apple will also be adding Facebook’s “Like” feature directly into the iTunes Store (for movies) and the App Store, and Ping will reportedly be removed entirely from iTunes in the near future.

In any event, the two companies are working more closely today than they were just a couple of years ago, and it’s possible that having a former Apple designer at Facebook could help strengthen those ties.

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Lee Dronick

Mr. Weeldreyer I ask that one of the first things that you do is replace pressing Return to post with a Send Comment button. White space makes comments easier to read. Yes I know that Shift-Return adds a carriage return, but that is what a Return key is for.

Then make visible all of the invisible buttons and popup menus.

Clean up the preferences so that they are easy to find and use.

Make Sort on the iOS app sticky. Don’t change Most Recent to Most Popular just because Facebook thinks I want to view what everyone else is discussing.

Notify us when you make UI changes, you can put a banner on the home page or send an email.

Lee Dronick

Thank you Mr Weeldreyer for your quick response. I just went to Facebook and the Post button is back!

Also they are now allowing editing of comments.


Facebook has a kludgey, frustrating UI that needs a lot of improvement. (Like a simple, easy way to delete Friend suggestions, and a way to tone down (minimize) too frequent posts by an actual friend who you have “friended” on Facebook. More simple, quick ways to remove stuff from your wall.)

Best of luck to Mr. Weeldreyer in making Facebook more user friendly.


Please make Facebook suck less!

Lee Dronick

iBuck, one of things I do with certain individuals is unsubscribe photos. That usually cuts way down on their frivolous posts that you see. You can still go to their timeline to see them. I also have incrediably long list of blocked apps, Farmville being at the top. A lot of people enjoy the apps and I respect that, but I have no interest in playing.

As to friend requests Facebook needs to require that requesters include a short paragraph on who they are. I may not recognize the name, but indeed do know them and would like to reconnect; more of a problem with women who are no longer using their maiden name than with guys.

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