Facebook’s Zuckerberg: The iPhone 5 Is a Wonderful Device

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg thinks Apple's new iPhone 5 is the bee's knees. In an interview with The Today Show's Matt Lauer that will air on October 4th, Mr. Zuckerberg said that Apple CEO Tim Cook had sent him one on the house, and said, "It's a wonderful device."

Mark Zuckerberg & Matt Lauer

Mark Zuckerberg & Matt Lauer
Source: The Today Show

In a teaser for the interview published by the show, Mr. Zuckerberg is quoted as saying, "iPhone is a great platform," while noting that there are more Facebook users using Android, "because Android is just — more people use it, at this point."

Perhaps more interesting, he said that more people use Facebook on a mobile Web browser than using either the iOS app or an Android app, saying, "There are more people doing that than the iPhone and all of Android phones combined, right? So it's actually a pretty diverse ecosystem."

Mobile usage aside, NBC is pitching the interview around the more important issue of Mr. Zuckerberg's wardrobe. You can go to the teaser to find out more about how many drawers the billionaire has and how many grey T-shirts are in his closet if that's your thing.



Isn’t it sickening how much free stuff zillionaires get?

I’ve forgotten who it was, but I heard some movie star talking about how much free stuff he gets just for being a celebrity. He said when he was a struggling actor barely getting by he never got anything for free.


The reality is the media glorifies “celebrities”.  People track and want to be associated with them so they are essentially advertisement boards for the products they use.  It’s essentially free product exposure.

When you’re a struggling actor, no one cares.  That’s the reality.


Life sucks! (Until you’re famous, and then it doesn’t (as much))

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