FacePlant Promises FaceTime Video Messaging

Apple’s FaceTime feature for the iPhone 4 is great for video chats, but doesn’t include a message option — like visual visual voice mail — if your friends don’t answer your calls. FacePlant aims to fix that problem by offering video messaging for FaceTime along with a way to see when your iPhone 4-toting friends can participate in FaceTime calls.

FacePlant will list your Address Book contacts that use the iPhone 4 and are on Wi-Fi networks so you’ll know when they can potentially video chat with you, and you can leave video messages for friends that don’t answer their phone.

FacePlant for FaceTime

The app does have one limitation in that you won’t see people in your FacePlant list if they aren’t running the app, too, according to TechCrunch. Since the app supports iOS 4 multitasking, however, you can launch it and leave it running in the background until it’s time to FaceTime-call someone.

The app’s price should make people happy, too: Free. The company plans to offer paid services that enhance FacePlant down the road.

FacePlant is awaiting App Store approval, so it should be available soon.

[Thanks to everyone on Twitter that turned me on to FacePlant.]