FaceTime for iPad, iPod touch In the Works

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Apple is apparently working on bringing FaceTime to the iPad and iPod touch, and instead of relying on mobile phone numbers to connect calls, it will use email addresses instead, according to Boy Genius Report. Assuming FaceTime is coming to the iPad and iPod touch, then both have updates in store that include front-facing cameras.

According to BGR’s unnamed source, the system will link your Apple ID and email so other FaceTime users can initiate a video call. It will also rely on Push notifications to let users know when incoming video calls are waiting.

There isn’t any other information available yet about exactly how the system will work when users have multiple devices linked to the same Apple ID, and since this is still just a rumor it’s not surprising that the details are sketchy.

As a policy, Apple doesn’t comment on unannounced products or rumors, so don’t expect any confirmation on this one out of Cupertino any time soon.



Could it really be that SJ’s explanation for this perceived problem (as just a misperception based upon miscalibrated signal-strength indicator bars) actually adequately explain everything everyone has seen regarding this antenna reception “malfunction”  ostensibly “verified” by Consumer Reports?

I have yet to see or hear of anything to clearly/credibly contradict//rule-out that possibility.

My hunch is SJ got it right in his statement, originally.


Oops - Sorry!

I posted this to the wrong article (via my iPhone).


Apple ID ?
my friend got an ipod to mac ID

is this one ?

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