FaceTime May be Coming to Mac, Windows

| Rumor

Apple’s FaceTime video chat feature is available on the iPhone 4 and fourth generation iPod touch, and the rumor mill claims it’s coming soon to Mac OS X and Windows, too.

This latest rumor comes courtesy of Mac4Ever (translation) along with word that FaceTime on the Mac will be part of an iChat update. The Web site doesn’t, however, indicate where this information came from.

Despite the lack of details in this rumor, it seems likely that Apple is planning on bringing FaceTime support to the desktop to help push adoption of the feature. The company has also said that the protocols it uses are open and available for other companies that want to develop their own FaceTime products.

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Lee Dronick

I think that this would be real handy and would probably increase the use of video chat.


I think the delay has been getting the pipes opened up big enough. Bandwidth is still our biggest enemy, hence all the issues with mobile phones. The technology exits, but the “carriers” most likely have been pushing back on it because look what happened to AT&T with just the iPhone and iPad. Our infrastructure just wasn’t ready for mass influx of video chats!

BTW, if we know texting while driving is bad. Imagine it now. All new laws will have to come into play. And I guarantee it won’t just be “face” time that video chats will enable….. wink


Walking, driving, skateboarding, biking, skating, while video chatting.

Brings up a whole new definition of FacePlant


Lee Dronick

Tiger, isn’t FaceTime currently restricted to WiFi? I do not yet have an iPhone 4, but if I understand the procedure you use the phone numbers to make the connection, but the actual video is done over WiFi and “the internet.” If that is incorrect I am sure you all will let me know.


So, how long before we get wifi based face to face chat (that wasn’t in any way influenced by Apple, of course) For Android, Windows, and Linux (Apple conveniently excluded) from Google? wink Would it surprise anyone if it showed up in Google’s desktop OS?

Sarcasm aside (sorry guys, I’m really missing the good old days of genuine innovation of 25 years ago), I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s integrated into the next OS X. Remember that posting from Apple for developers interested in working on radical new technologies in OS X awhile back?

Talk about pissing off the carriers. wink

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