Faked iPhone 5 Video Shows Wireless Charging, More

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The folks at Aatma Studios have released another excellent fake Apple device video, this one showing us their wish list for the iPhone 5. The video shows a larger device with wireless charging, fingerprint scanning, advanced Siri capabilities, and a dash of the absurd, "rubberband electronics."

From the Video

You may remember these folks from their iPad 3 concept video that featured, among other things, an edge-to-edge display, the ability to connect iPads together and share screens, and a 3D holographic projector.

The video:

iPhone 5 New Concept Features from Aatma Studio

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I love these videos. These guys are really good at faking this stuff, and they do a great job of mixing current rumors and speculation with some fun, yet utterly impossible science fiction stuff.

I've noticed that a lot of people get hung up on knocking it as an obvious fake, especially in the myopic miasma of misery known as YouTube comments, but doing so is absurd. Of course it's a fake, and of course Aatma Studio gets some things "wrong," but that's hardly the point because it's well done and a ton of fun.



You’re absolutely right. Of course they don’t get some things “right”. It even says Concept at the start. It’s some wild ideas.

I LOVE the Rubberband Electronics. They did that so well.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Bookmark this page. The hardware pinching is sure to be the subject of an Apple utility patent lawsuit against Samsung in 2020. This is the prior art.

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