Fantastical Brings Real Language Event Entry to iCal

Flexbits introduced its new Mac calendaring application, Fantastical, earlier this week. The app links to user’s iCal calendars with an easy to use interface that’s accessible from the Mac OS X menu bar, and lets users create new calendar entries with words and phrases.

FantasticalFantastical for the Mac

Fantastical lets users enter plain english phrases, then parses the information into calendar entries. For example, “lunch with Bryan at Starbucks on Tuesday, 12pm” would convert into an appointment with Bryan for next Tuesday, although Bryan isn’t all that keen on Starbucks.

The application supports the CalDAV standard Apple uses with iCal and MobileMe, and it also supports Entourage, Outlook, Google Calendar and Yahoo! Calendar. Calendars can be color coded, users have control over how many appointments appear in the Fantastical list, and they can use plain english phrases to create recurring events.

Fantastical is priced at US$14.99 and is available for download at the Flexbits Web site, or through Apple’s Mac App Store.