Fantasy MMORPG Shadowbane to Shut Down May 1

Ubisoft has announced that its fantasy MMORPG Shadowbane will come to an end on May 1. In a statement on its web site, the publisher expressed "happiness that it lasted so very long, and pride to be able to stand before such a passionate community to thank you for your undying support and unwavering loyalty to Shadowbane."

Set in a world called Aerynth, Shadowbane chronicles the attempts of humans, Minotaurs, Irekei, Dwarves, Centaur Lords, and other races as they fought for dominance. "In the distance," Ubisoft said, "you could hear the roars of the fired buildings as they crumbled and collapsed into ashes and rubble, the consistent rhythm of the drums of war as Empires marched, and the sounds of gears and pulleys as Siege Engines fire upon resilient and towering walls as the many Empires engaged in battles across the continents vying for power and dominion.

"Alliances were formed to achieve common goals among various Nations only to be met with strife from within tearing the Alliance apart and pitting Nations against each other once again. Each war created new opportunity to rebuild old Empires once lost and rekindle old friendships or rivalries. New Ages began but the cycle remained the same.

"The search for the Sword known as Shadowbane continued on … Unfortunately, the Sword has slipped into the Void never to be found again."

The company concluded: "Many passionate and creative individuals have poured their hearts and souls into developing and hosting Shadowbane. We want to thank each and every one of you for your tremendous work and valiant efforts throughout Shadowbane's lifetime."

The game's forums featured 20 pages of reactions from players, as this article was published on Monday morning.