Fanurio 2 Adds Timesheet View, Import

| Product News

Fanurio Time Tracking announced the immediate availability of Fanurio 2.0 on Thursday. The new version of the time tracking and billing application for freelancers added a new Timesheet view along with the ability to import timesheets from other users.

Version 2 also added the ability to track partial payments, show client statements, and export time, invoices and payments as Excel or CSV files.

Fanurio 2.0 is priced at US$59 and is available for download at the Fanurio Web site. The upgrade is free for all licensed users.

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Another suggestion for freelance timesheet is Pacific Timesheet
Free for 3 and under license.

Pacific Timesheet is web-based timesheet software that provides payroll, project, job costing, time and attendance features in one system. Other modules include automated approvals, billing and pay rates, time-off scheduling, custom reporting, iPhone timesheet, IVR integration, time clock integration and DCAA compliant. We support all major operating systems and browsers. It is available in license or ASP/online.

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