Faster iMacs Reportedly Coming Next Week

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Apple will be releasing new iMac models next week, according to insider sources. Instead of fancy new Retina Displays, however, the upgrade is expected to include little more than minor processor speed bumps.

Faster iMacs coming next week? MaybeFaster iMacs coming next week? Maybe

That processor speed increase may also come along with an updated Thunderbolt 2 connector and a slight price drop, too. News of the rumored update comes courtesy of sources speaking with the France-based MacG website.

Apple hasn't dropped any hints to indicate new iMac models are coming next week, which isn't any surprise. Not waiting until Intel's newest Haswell processer refresh rolls out later this month, however, is unfortunate.

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Slightly faster iMacs with a small price drop sounds nice, but would be a lot cooler if it included the updated Haswell processors from Intel which are due later this month.

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Apple will be releasing new iMac models next week

Is there any chance Apple gets 1st dibs on the new Intel processors?

Or could the new iMacs possibly be ARM powered?

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