Father, Son Launch iPhone into Space

Father and son science projects always have the potential for excitement, especially when those projects include launching objects tied to balloons. In the case of Luke Geissbuhler, both dad and son stayed firmly planted on the ground while they launched a video camera and iPhone into space in their home made spacecraft.

Mr. Geissbuhler and his son packed a Go Pro Hero HD video camera and iPhone into a styrofoam block and launched them into space on the end of a balloon. The craft managed to climb up over 100,000 feet before the balloon ruptured, then returned to Earth via parachute.

The view from space via balloon

They tracked the iPhone’s on-board GPS and managed to recover the intact spacecraft about 30 miles away from its launch point.

A video of the adventure is available at the Vimeo Web site.

Build a spaceship, launch and recover it: Best father/son project ever. AT&T’s suborbital coverage, however, was a little spotty.