FBI Arrest Suspect in JFK Theft of 3,600 iPad minis

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The FBI arrested Renel Rene Richardson, an employee at JFK Airport, in last week's theft of 3,600 iPad minis from the airport. Mr. Richardson worked with at least two other people to steal the palettes of iPads from the airport storage area, although his tactics make leave him falling far short of being a criminal mastermind.

iPad mini heist iPad mini heist "mastermind" arrested

Apparently Mr. Richardson asked coworkers when the iPad mini shipment was scheduled to arrive, and where a forklift was located, according to the New York Post. The forklift, as it turns out, was used to load the palettes onto a truck that Mr. Richardson's accomplices drove into the warehouse area.

Two palettes loaded with iPad minis were stolen from the airport last week, and more would've been taken has airport employees not walked up on the theft in progress. The suspects used an airport forklift to load the palettes into a white tractor trailer with "CEVA" on the side. Police estimated the stolen iPads were worth between US$1.5 million and $1.9 million.

Mr. Richardson cooperated with authorities after his arrest by directing them to a location on Long Island to search for the white truck. There isn't any word yet on whether or not the stolen iPad minis have been recovered.

Presumably Mr. Richardson's application for the Evil League of Evil has been rejected.



OK, I think grammar/spelling nazis need a life just as much as anyone, but was this article hastily typed out on a subway train or right before an important meeting, and could not under any circumstances have been looked over even once before posting it publicly?


Okay, so Mr triple R doesn’t get the Professor James Moriarty Award for Criminal Excellence, but his stunt could be a runner up for most entertaining escapade for the month of November.

TMO have reported a number of Apple product-related thefts over the years. I’d be curious to see a chart someday on pirated, pilfered and otherwise plundered items by category and vendor.

Just morbid curiosity.

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