FBI Joins Apple Store Burglary Investigations

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The growing number of Apple Stores targeted by burglars, the FBI is joining in on the investigations into the smash-and-grab crimes. So far, the FBI is aiding in more than 12 investigations in the eastern part of the United States from Connecticut to Virginia, according to USATODAY.

It appears that Apple’s retail stores are being targeted around the country because the company’s products are in high demand. The well organized store layouts, coupled with the glass wall store fronts, makes the retail locations easier targets, too.

California Apple Store BurglaryPolice arrest suspects in a California Apple Store smash-and-grab

Word of the FBI’s involvement in the burglary and robbery investigations comes only days after a security guard shot and killed a suspect in an Apple Store smash-and-grab in California. In that incident, three suspects drove their car through the front of an Apple Store before exchanging gun fire with the guard.

The remaining two suspects in that incident were taken into police custody.

Apple hasn’t commented on the investigations, although the company is cooperating with authorities and taking steps to better protect its stores. “They do try to increase their security as best they can with alarm systems, security guards and the thickness of the glass,” commented Evesham Township, New Jersey, Police Lieutenant Walt Miller.

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Lee Dronick

The suspect who was killed in the Apple Store attempted robbery a few days ago here in the San Diego area was a documented gang member. He had several criminal convictions and spent time in jail/prison, he was out on bail when this incident happened. The other two suspects were charged with, among other crimes, “participation in a street gang.”

The female had an additional charge of “assault with a semi-automatic weapon.” The chatter on the local news blogs that it was an AK47. That has not been confirmed and we probably won’t know until the trial.

The security guard is a retired police officer.


And just for the record, the robbers shot first and the guard returned fire, according to police.

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