FCC Proposing to Expand Cell Radio Frequencies

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission’s Spectrum Task Force is proposing that some radio frequencies designated for satellite use should be reassigned to the cell phone market. The proposal could be presented to agencie as early as July 15, according to Macworld.

If the proposal is eventually approved, the changes would open up more of the radio spectrum to mobile phone companies, and potentially help ease the congestion the wireless networks have been experiencing.

The proposed changes include what’s known as the “S” band for Mobile Satellite Services. There aren’t any proposed changes slated for the the other two MMS frequency bands.

“The more spectrum we get out there, the more opportunity there is for new entrants and incumbents alike to gain additional access to spectrum,” commented the FCC’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Co-Chair, Ruth Milkman.

While additional radio frequencies for mobile services will be welcome, these proposed changes won’t take effect for several years — assuming they’re approved. The FCC’s task force is currently working towards a 2020 deadline to find 500MHz of spectrum to free up for mobile broadband services.