FCC Wants to Beef Up US Broadband

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Current broadband speeds in the U.S. average about 4Mbps, but that isn’t fast enough for the Federal Communications Commission. The agency wants to see 100Mbps speeds, and it wants broadband in every U.S. home by 2020, according to the BBC.

The FCC claimed about one third, or about 100 million people, don’t have broadband Internet access in their homes. “Every nation needs a common medium to gather around and to have the internet as a common medium where a third are left out is unacceptable,” commented former FCC chairman, Reed Hundt.

The biggest hurdle the FCC may have to overcome is getting the money to bring its plan to life. Some of the cash will likely come from earmarked funds in the 2009 stimulus package, and more could come from a wireless spectrum auction. With the weak economy, however, not every politician is going to be happy with idea of spending several billion dollars in upgrading the country’s broadband infrastructure.

According to the agency, providing broadband access to everyone is critical for education, healthcare, public safety, sharing information, energy management and government interaction. While some think the FCC’s proposal isn’t the one-stop answer for communication issues, the agency sees it as an important component in improving the country’s communication infrastructure.

“It’s an action plan, and action is necessary to meet the challenges of global competitiveness, and harness the power of broadband to help address so many vital national issues,” said FCC chairman Julius Genachowski.

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Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

The arrogance of self-importance. A sizable chunk of that 1/3 without broadband are people who have access to computers at work and don’t want to be that connected when home. Another sizable chunk are people who just don’t have a need for a computer. You know being connected to broadband will soon become a civic duty issue in the eyes of the federal do-gooders. If you’re not connected, then you’re not being a good citizen, so the argument will go. The FCC should be just as concerned that not every household has Showtime, and so cannot keep up with Dexter or Secret Life of a Call Girl.



Yes and a significant portion of them are still in a place that only has dial-up available for a reasonable price. (Yes anyone can get satellite internet, but have you seen the cost of that?)

I live in Alaska, and luckily, I am in one of the 3 big cities that have speedy internet.  The rest of the state has slow, or no, home based internet options for reasonable prices. (A friend in the village HAS TO spend $25 on a land line from the phone co. THEN spend $55 on a 256k internet connections, per month…  Oh and the 256k is onlly that speed about half the time. Most of the time it is around 100k or less.)

So yes there are a few who do not use the net at home, but there are a LOT MORE who have no idea that there is cool stuff on the fast internet.


It’s curious to me that a television broadcaster from another nation brought this to our attention.

Page after page of negging ? Bosco has really become a disagreeable poster, hasn’t he?


It will be amazing if the broadband speed will reach 100 mbps. the work will be done much faster, this kind of speed is only with the high authorities not with common people, so i am waiting for 100mbps broadband plan .


hey, I think our government should actively participate in launching some new devices for the effective communication. So that not only the government itself, but the entire business community and even the residential places get effective broadband plans anyways, it gonna help everybody in the whole nation.

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