FedEx Employees Rob Co-worker for Apple Gear

A FedEx driver in Pleasanton, California, lost several Apple products from his delivery truck last week when he was robbed at gun point by his own co-workers, according to the Contra Costa Times.

The driver, Francisco Matute, was accosted by four masked men with a shotgun while on his delivery route. They forced him to open the truck’s cargo area, then made off in a gold Buick with several Apple product delivery boxes.

Dominique Hamilton was arrested later that day as a suspect in the crime, and Jason Niusulu was arrested the following day while at work in a FedEX sorting facility.

Proving most criminals aren’t overly bright, Mr. Hamilton was seen being dropped off at work in the same Buick used in the robbery. Police later found a sawed-off shotgun in the car.

Since the two suspects that have been aprehended worked on the same sorting line, it’s possible they watched for specific types of deliveries to pass by to decide which delivery truck to target.