Feral Opens New Download Area With Colin McRae Rally, Black & White 2 Demos

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Feral Interactive on Wednesday launched a new demo download area that uses BitTorrent to deliver demos of seven of the publisher's Mac games, including a pair of new ones: a multiplayer Universal Binary demo of Colin McRae Rally Mac and an Intel-only demo of Black & White 2.

The company is also offering Intel-only demos of two cars from ToCA and LEGO Indiana Jones, along with Universal Binaries of LEGO Star Wars II and Ford Racing 2 demos.

Feral is currently working on new games it is bringing to the Mac this year, including Rome: Total War Gold Edition.

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Woot!  New offerings from my favourite company! Yay!

Great guys to talk to.  I usually stop by their booth at MacWorld for a chat.  Sadly, they may not be back next year.



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