FierceWireless Names Apple's Cook Wireless Industry Leader

Apple CEO Tim Cook is the most powerful person in the wireless industry, according to the FierceWireless 2012 list detailing who has the most influence in the market. Mr. Cook was ranked above AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint CEOs, and controls enormous market mindshare thanks to the iPhone and iPad.

Apple's Tim Cook ranked the most influential in the wireless industryApple's Tim Cook ranked the most influential in the wireless industry

FierceWireless said in its report,
Cook's power, as directed through the iPhone and iPad, translates into tremendous mindshare among U.S. smartphone users (Apple's iPhone launches generate nationwide headlines) and intense customer loyalty (the iPhone routinely receives top marks in customer satisfaction surveys). What this means is that Cook's every decision with the iPhone, and Apple's wireless business in general, can have an enormous impact on the market, ranging from the wireless carriers that sell Apple gadgets to the companies that supply components for the devices to companies that compete against Apple in phones and tablets.

Apple's iPhone is a leader in the smartphone market with 4.7 million activations on AT&T's network during the carrier's third fiscal quarter, 3.1 million activations on Verizon's network, and 1.5 million phones on Sprint's network.

The FierceWireless list of the most powerful people in the wireless industry also included Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Google CEO Larry Page.

[Thanks to Macworld for the heads up.]