Fiftythree Intros Paper Drawing App for iPad

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Fiftythree introduced a new drawing app for the iPad on Thursday called Paper. The app offers a fresh look on drawing and sketching interfaces designed to make users feel more like they’re working with actual paper instead of an iPad display.

Paper for iPadPaper for iPad

Paper includes a pen tool, and color, writing, sketching and outline tools are available as in-app purchases for US$1.99 each. The app was designed to take advantage of the third generation iPad’s Retina Display, includes a customized ink engine for more realistic drawing and painting styles, and offers a Rewind feature that lets you scroll back to earlier points in your drawings.

Drawings can be shared via Tumblr, email, Facebook and Twitter.

Paper is a free download at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store. Extra drawing and painting tools cost $1.99 each, or $7.99 for the full pack of five.

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Is paper working on a old iPad and in Canada? I downloaded it and it is working except I cannot get any tools or to the store to buy the essentials.

Jeff Gamet

I checked the specs, and Paper should work on any iPad model running iOS 4.3 or later. Try tapping a tool in-app to bring up the purchase screen. That’s how I bought the Essentials Pack.

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