FileMaker Kills Bento to Focus on Pro Database Market

FileMaker's jaunt in the consumer database market is coming to an end. The company announced that it will stop selling Bento on September 30 so that it can focus on its FileMaker professional database products.

FileMaker bows out of the consumer database marketFileMaker bows out of the consumer database market

Bento users will still be able to get technical support through July 30, 2014. According to the company, FileMaker has been gaining popularity on iOS which helped drive the decision to drop Bento from its product lineup.

When Bento is gone it'll take some compelling features with it, most notably the ability to create new databases on your iPhone or iPad, and WiFi syncing between iOS devices and Macs. FileMaker Go, FileMaker's mobile offering for FileMaker databases, is essentially an app for working with databases you make on your Mac and doesn't offer the simple data syncing features found in Bento.

Bento has been around for over five years and once it's gone FileMaker isn't planning on offering any alternatives other than FileMaker Pro. For uses that want to snap up a copy of Bento before it's gone, they can grab the Mac version for US$49.99, the iPad version for $9.99, and the iPhone and iPod touch version for $4.99.