FileMaker Pro 13 Adds New iOS Development, Web Publishing Tools

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FileMaker announced the immediate availability of version 13 of its self-named professional database application on Tuesday. FileMaker Pro 13 gained new iOS development tools, along with improved Web publishing support.

FileMaker Pro 13 improves Web publishing, iOS development toolsFileMaker Pro 13 improves Web publishing, iOS development tools

Version 13 includes new tools for developing databases for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, support for iOS slide controls and popovers, gesture-based record scans, barcode scanning with the built-in camera, custom keyboard support, and one-step iPhone and iPad layout creation.

The update added FileMaker WebDirect for quickly building Web-based database interfaces without requiring HTML 5 coding skills, AES 256-bit encryption for desktop, iPhone, and iPad databases, the ability to share custom themes and styles, support for adding new database fields via drag-and-drop, easier FileMaker server administration, and more.

FileMaker Pro 13 is priced at US$329, or $179 for upgrades from earlier versions. The company is also offering subscription licenses starting at $9 a month for FileMaker Pro, $15 for FileMaker Pro Advanced, and $29 for FileMaker Server.

FileMaker Go for the iPhone and iPad is a free download at Apple's iTunes Store, and FileMaker Server connections for FileMaker Go and FileMaker WebDirect cost $25 per month for five concurrent connections.

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Ok it is good news that FileMaker has been updated.
But I don’t need a $300 database app to organize my addresses.
Unfortunately I have everything in a FM-5 DB. Right now I need to keep one last machine on SnowLeopard just for this.

Any suggestion on something I could export the data into? I’m willing to drop in the range of $50-$100 on something if need be. All I need is the data. I can redo the label layouts etc.  as needed.


During my time of developing databases since version 2.x (this is going back some years now), I have found FileMaker Pro to be an excellent application primarily for the ease in which databases can be created and the flexibility and useful features it provided.

However, since FileMaker Pro 10, I have noticed certain unwelcomed changes:

1. FileMaker Support pages show a question from a developer titled “FileMaker Go - Calculations involving GetNthRecord fail after 29 records” and a response suggesting FileMaker Inc is aware of the issue since 10 April 2013. Whether the issue has been fixed in FileMaker Go 12, I observe in FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced that the issue remains and actually fails to show the calculation result from the 79th record onwards. This is a major problem for my clients in terms of financial information they need to work with in the databases. So, on checking this with FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced I see the issue does not exist. It is only FileMaker Pro 13 that has introduced the bug since the last version (perhaps the bug was ported over from FileMaker Go 11), Since April 2013, the issue has not been fixed properly across the full FileMaker Pro 13 product range by checking that the GetNthRecord function works properly.

2. I note from the FileMaker Forum a developer wrote in February 2012 under the title “SECURITY ISSUE: Can’t Hide Data Viewer from User’s…” how the data viewer allows any user with a copy of Advanced app to view data in any field of any table in any non-admin/developer login account. Prior to FileMaker 10 the data viewer button for selecting fields to view data would be greyed out (unless you are actually logged into the developer account to modify the database). This is no longer the case and, in fact, FileMaker’s recommendation is to request that users do not use the FileMaker Pro Advanced app. Unfortunately I cannot monitor this with my clients and, therefore, consider this a major security flaw in the product. I concur with the other developer. And now I see the issue has not been fixed since I mentioned this with FileMaker Inc in December 2012 (in writing). All that FileMaker Inc will do is force developers to use the new database file encryption option. However this new feature places an unnecessary burden on my clients by introducing another level of authentication and to further compromise the intellectual property of my solutions when I cannot remove the admin account with Runtime solutions just to satisfy the encryption requirements.

3. A serious bug existed when working in scripts causing sudden and unexpected quits (especially in FileMaker Pro 12). While I lived with this problem (the essential scripts were in place and I can minimise the crashes if I don’t do too much work in modifying scripts), I see the latest FileMaker Pro 13 may have addressed this issue. However, the bug seems to have been moved over to the launch sequence when starting up a database. It doesn’t happen all the time (so far about a dozen times for myself since I purchased FileMaker Pro 13 Advanced). It also occurs when you are in a text field for more than 15 minutes doing changes to the text and you don’t save the text by committing the record. As a result, time is wasted waiting for the FileMaker Pro app to check the integrity of the databases. Furthermore my clients feel concerned about the possibility that such unexpected quits may cause irreversible damage to the databases should the problem persist over a period of time. Prior to FileMaker Pro 12, I have not seen this level of serious bugs crashing the app so easily. Now I understand my clients concerns and feel FileMaker Pro 13 is not up to scratch for prime time use in real world database solution environments.

After noticing these issues and explaining them to FileMaker Inc and requesting these issues by fixed as quickly as possible, the company has agreed instead to provide a refund for FileMaker Pro 13 (i.e. within the 30 days of purchasing the product). I sense the company may not be interested in fixing these issues with the potential that Apple could be trying to drop further development work of FileMaker Pro in the near future. Why? Apple does not like consumers to get free or low-cost FileMaker contacts databases to bypass the company’s own for identifying users and sending personal details to the iCloud. FileMaker Pro should only be used for large organisations and not for individual consumer use.

I do note that numerous FIleMaker developers have complained how each upgrade of FileMaker by Aple has only provided few extra features, but not substantial enough to be considered good value for money.

I strongly recommend you check your FileMaker Pro 13 product very carefully. If it works for you, fine. If it doesn’t, get a refund. The more people who get refunds, the more likely FileMaker Inc will make efforts to fix bugs and provide a quality product to the consumer.

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