FileMaker Intros New Starter Solutions for FileMaker Go

FileMaker announced the immediate availability of three Starter Solutions kits for FileMaker Go on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The three kits are designed for mobile business use, and support the Mac OS X and Windows versions of FileMaker, too.

FileMaker Go for iPadFileMaker Go Starter Solutions for iPad

The three Starter Solutions include:

  • Contacts Lets you manage all of your business and personal contacts on your iPhone or iPad. With Contacts, you can quickly add and find multiple contacts within the same company, city and more.
  • Documents Take along your business documents and automatically synchronize any changes to a master database.
  • Assets An easy way to track all types of assets. You can also create asset categories and track serial numbers, value lists and purchase dates and even calculate depreciation.

All of the database starter kits are customizable, and support multitouch gestures. The FileMaker Go Starter Solutions kits are free and available for download at the FileMaker Web site.