FileMaker Offers iOS, Mac Discount Deal

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FileMaker announced a special deal for FileMaker Go buyers on Tuesday that offers significant savings off the purchase of FileMaker Pro 11. The deal lets FileMaker Go for iPhone or iPad purchase FileMaker Pro 11 for half price.

FileMaker Go for the iPad

FileMaker Go and FileMaker Pro are FileMaker’s database applications. The Go versions let users work with their databases when they aren’t at their desk, and also support remotely accessing databases stored on servers.

The discount deal runs from January 11 through June 23, 2011. FileMaker Go for the iPhone is priced at US$19.99 and FileMaker Go for the iPad costs $39.99. FileMaker Pro 11 will cost customers $149 as part of the deal.

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I just noticed that File Maker have generally reduced the price of its products here in Ireland. Advanced is down ?100 from c?600 to ?499.

It’s good to see software companies getting creative with pricing.

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