FileMaker Pro 11 Adds New Charts, Reports, More

FileMaker announced the immediate availability of FileMaker Pro 11 on Tuesday. The new version of the relational database application added a long list of features such as new chart styles and new dynamic reports.

Version 11 added a new database template interface designed to make it easier to build databases, dynamic charts and reports with calculations, a layout and report design assistant, built-in invoice designs, and the ability to organize layouts into folders. It also includes a new Quick Find feature that searches multiple fields at the same time, a tool inspector palette, and the ability to dynamically modify how information is displayed in Table mode.

Users that share databases now have a Snapshot feature that lets a database owner distribute a file to other FileMaker Pro users that updates itself with the most current information from the master database. External data sources, such as Excel spreadsheets, can be dynamically linked to a database so that when the external source file is updated, the matching content in the database is replaced, too.

Version 11 also offers better Web layout rendering, and Web sharing supports on the fly chart rendering.

Along with FileMaker Pro 11, FileMaker also released FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced, FileMaker Server 11 and FileMaker Server 11 Advanced. The Server Advanced product offers unlimited user connections, removing the artificial user cap found in older versions.

FileMaker Pro 11 is priced at US$299, or $179 for upgrades. FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced costs $499 or $299 for upgrades, FileMaker Server 11 is priced at $999 or $599 for upgrades, and FileMaker Server 11 Advanced costs $2,999 or $1,799 for upgrades.