Filing Taxes Gets Easier, TurboTax 2012 Arrives on Mac App Store

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TurboTax 2012 Mac App Store

Attention taxpayers: Intuit has just brought its TurboTax tax preparation and filing software to the Mac App Store. With a free download, customers can try out the app, enter their tax information and only pay Intuit when they choose to file the return.

Those that choose to file via the application can use in-app purchases to pay for the Basic, Deluxe (which includes one state filing), and individual State packages for $29.99, $64.99, and $36.99, respectively. It should be noted, however, that users can currently save $5 off the App Store price by purchasing the Deluxe package directly from TurboTax.

Users can also save money by purchasing physical boxed copies of TurboTax, which are usually heavily discounted at retailers like Amazon and Costco.

Despite the price discrepancies, the introduction of a widely-used app like TurboTax to the Mac App Store is a step in the right direction for Apple’s OS X software distribution platform. The simple billing system and ease of download and installation on multiple personal Macs may entice many to pay slightly more for the convenience.

TurboTax on the Mac App Store is the latest in a string of Apple-focused efforts by Intuit. The company has long offered a native OS X app available via download or retail, and they recently introduced both online preparation and an iPad app.

TurboTax 2012 via the Mac App Store requires OS X 10.8.2 or later and a 64-bit CPU.

Thanks to The Loop for the reference.

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Lee Dronick

In regards to optical drives in Macs. Over the last few years about the only time I use one is to load TurboTax and now installing it that way is no longer necessary. I did get a nice discount buying it at Costco.


I’ve used the online version of Turbotax for the last couple of years. I wonder if the app doter version will be able to access my previous years’ records.


Laudable Mac move by Intuit, now can they just please fix Quicken for the Mac and give it complete, total, absolute feature parity with Quicken for Windows?  Is it really that hard to port it to another platform?

People have been waiting for years.  Tired of having to get Fusion and Windows just to manage my finances.



While I am pleased to see that TT has come to the App Store, I must admit that I had not thought about whether or not Intuit were still making TT DVDs, as I have not used one in years.

Intuit also provide personal account set ups, which they’ve had for years, whereby you can auto-update your subscription, if you must pay US taxes, and then download the software. In fact, I am never anywhere near the USA during tax filing time (not trying to avoid the US tax man, just heeding the call of duty), so online access to the desktop software is important. There is also the online application, which I have never used since, in those same geographical settings, my online access is dodgy and slow, when not wholly buggered. The joys of world travel are not to be underestimated.

I have not yet tried to access this year’s package, and wonder if I will be directed instead to the App Store.

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