Find My Friends Update Improves Location Accuracy

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Apple rolled out an update for its Find My Friends app for the iPhone on Thursday that lets users set exact locations for notifications. Find My Friends is Apple's own location-based app and service for seeing where your friends and family are, and for receiving notifications when they happen to be nearby.

The version 1.2 update lets users set exact locations for notifications, as well as distances from those locations, which comes in handy when you want to know when someone arrives at or leaves a specific location such as work or school.

Find My Friends

Find My Friends

Find My Friends is free and available at Apple's iTunes-based App Store.

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Find My Friends 1.2 didn't do away with the stitched leather look, so apparently Jonny Ive hasn't put his fingers into this app yet.

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Lee Dronick

Find My Friends 1.2 didn’t do away with the stitched leather look, so apparently Jonny Ive hasn’t put his fingers into this app yet.

Thank God


Wow. what the hell? Crap like this is why I will never willingly support Apple. Some of us actually care about privacy and don’t want our phones beaming our exact location to others, let alone even recording our location at all. What Apple is doing here is a horrible, horrible thing.

Also, remember when there was a security bug in iTunes that allowed people to gain unauthorized access to others computers? Remember how Apple new about this for three years and did nothing, despite them fixing bugs on average at a rate of 90 days? (90 days is still very long) That iTunes bug was documented to have been used by governments to invade the privacy of there citizens. Hopefully that this software has no such bug. Either way, this is a good reason to avoid software that is not free/open-source, since bugs in open source projects get fixed much, much quicker because anyone can do it.

Bryan Chaffin

Friend, inclusion in Find My Friends is permission based.

Furthermore, your faith in “free and open source” seems misplaced, as Android, a more or less free and open source smartphone OS, does everything you are erroneously ascribing to Apple.

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