Find Your iPhone 5 Tracking Number Early

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If you ordered your brand new iPhone 5 from Apple and haven't received your UPS tracking number yet, you can still find it and see where your smartphone is sitting -- as long as you know your phone number.

Here's what to do:

  • Go to the UPS website and look for the package tracking field.
  • Click More options.
  • Select Track by Reference.
  • Enter the phone number you used when you placed your order in the Shipment Reference field.
  • Set the date range to fall around the shipping and delivery window for your new iPhone.
  • Enter your country and ZIP code.
  • Click Track.

UPS lets you track your iPhone delivery even if Apple hasn't sent you a tracking numberUPS lets you track your iPhone delivery even if Apple hasn't sent you a tracking number

This trick works only if you ordered from Apple and it's shipping via UPS, which probably accounts for a substantial number of iPhone 5 pre-orders. Of course, your iPhone won't get to you any faster, but at least you can see when it's getting closer.

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If the phone number doesn’t work, you can use your order number, if you leave off the last two digits.

Stephen Colosky

I have tried both methods and there is still not tracking available. I did order mine through the apple web site. I did try both ups and fed-ex.


I first tried my phone number, which didn’t work. I then tried the order number (sans last two digits). That worked. I was then able to go back into it and see what number they used. Turns out they had my work number on file and were using that.


Nothing worked for mine.  I tried cell number apple account and order are associated with, full order number, partial order number minus the least two digits, etc.  Any suggestions?


I didn’t think my work number was associated with Apple, but apparently it is (or maybe it’s associated with UPS). My suggestion: try any phone numbers you have (assuming you haven’t received the tracking number from Apple by now).

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