Find Recipient Details in iPad e-mail

The iPad’s e-mail program makes extensive use of Smart Addresses, real names inside a blue chicklet. But sometimes, for peace of mind, one needs to verify the full e-mail address of the recipient when there are two or more addresses in the Address Book. Here’s how.

If you look at your sent e-mail in the iPad e-mail app, you’ll see the name of the recipient like this.

iPad mail 1

But what if the recipient has two or more e-mail addresses, and you’re not sure whether you fumble fingered the right address in the sender when the Address Book entries popped up? To find out, touch and hold the recipient chicklet in the sent message. An Address Book profile on that person will pop up in, appropriately enough, what’s called a popover.

The address to which you sent the e-mail will be differentiated by showing in blue. See my red circle in the screen shot below.

iPad mail 2

A better UI on this may be possible, but so far, this is how it works in iOS.