FireCore Releases aTV Flash (black) Beta for Apple TV

FireCore released a public beta version of aTV Flash (black) for Apple’s second generation Apple TV on Wednesday. The hack lets users play video content that the Apple TV doesn’t natively support, and also adds support Web browsing and playing content.

The public beta also includes the ability to stream content from Plex servers, display weather and news feeds, and offers one-click update support, and an easy to use installer, too. The company says support for additional media formats is in the works, as is support for streaming content from NAS devices.

aTV Flash (black) for the second generation Apple TV

aTV Flash (black) doesn’t currently support the Apple TV 4.1 update, and since it’s a hack, Apple won’t offer any support should the installation go wrong.

FireCore is selling aTV Flash (black) for US$19.95 during the beta test phase, then will bump the price up to $29.95 once the final version ships. aTV Flash (black) is available for download at the FireCore Web site.