Firefox 3.5 Gets Speed Boost, More

| Product News

Firefox 3.5 hit the Internet on June 30, making the promised June release window with a few hours to spare. The update for the cross-platform Web browser sports several performance and compatibility improvements.

Version 3.5 includes better support for the HTML 5 specification, a faster page rendering engine, a faster JavaScript engine, private browsing, tear-off tabs, and more.

Firefox 3.5 is available as a free download at the Firefox Web site.

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Firefox STILL has no inline support for PDF documents on OS X. That’s a major disappointment for me and shortcoming on the part of Firefox for OS X. Safari, Opera, and any other browser I can think of, OS X or Windows, can display PDFs inline within the browser, without resorting to downloading, installing (and thence constantly updating) a browser plugin.

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