Firmware Update Adds Lion Internet Recovery to MacBook Pro

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Apple released MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update 2.2 on Wednesday, bringing Lion Internet Recovery support to the Thunderbolt-enabled MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt. Pew! Pew! Pew!MacBook Pro gets Lion Internet Recovery support

Internet Recovery, previously available only on the Thunderbolt-equipped Mac mini and MacBook Air, lets users restore or repair a Lion installation over an Internet connection when the computer’s hard drive has failed, or a new drive has been installed, and a bootable installer ins’t available.

The firmware update also addressed Thunderbolt Target Disk Mode performance issues, and Apple Thunderbolt Display compatibility issues.

Thunderbolt portMacBook Pro combo Thunderbolt and Mini Display Port

Thunderbolt is a new high-speed expansion port that uses the same connector as Apple’s Mini DisplayPort video adapter and can currently support up to six devices in a chain. The port offers dual-channel 10 gb/s data throughput, supports hard drives and other peripherals as well as displays, along with FireWire, USB and Gigabit Ethernet devices with adapters.

MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update 2.2 requires an early 2011 MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt port and OS X Lion 10.7 or higher. The update is available via the Software Update application, or as a downloadable installer at the Apple Support Web site.


Bob Woods

Actually, it doesn’t require 10.7 for the install. My MBP is still at 10.6.8 and it showed up in Software Update and installed fine.

Mervin de Jager


About a month ago my early 2011 15” MacBook Pro started giving problems with the start-up with the computer hooked up to my 32” flat screen. Both Mac and TV screen are then completely pixellated, the Mac frozen, and then I have to force a restart. Mostly that fixes the problem. Other times a 2nd force restart is required. The TV is hooked up via a Thunderbolt/HDMI connector. I’ve been running on Yosemite for about 10 months now without any hick-ups whatsoever and all updates are up-to-date.

Can it be firmware related?

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