First iOS 6.1.1 Beta Does Not Patch evasi0n Jailbreak Exploits

evasi0n jailbreak

The first beta build of iOS 6.1.1, released by Apple to developers Wednesday, surprisingly does not patch any of the exploits in iOS 6.1 that are required for the evasi0n jailbreak, according to a member of the jailbreak’s development team.

Jailbreaks are possible due to flaws in iOS code that allow third-party software and firmware changes to be installed. These flaws are not necessarily security threats, but Apple still takes active steps to patch them with each iOS release. This has resulted in a “cat and mouse” game between Apple and the jailbreak community that has persisted since the early days of Apple’s mobile operating system.

The evasi0n jailbreak for iOS 6.1 was released Monday, February 4. It was therefore assumed that Apple’s release of the first beta build of iOS 6.1.1 on Wednesday was partly a response to the jailbreak.

According to jailbreak developer pod2g, however, at least the first beta of iOS 6.1.1 does not patch the exploits used by evasi0n:

6.1.1 beta (10B311) does not fix the jailbreak. It'll probably happen in a future revision. Don't upgrade though, evasi0n won't let you jb.

— pod2g (@pod2g) February 7, 2013

Those who wish to be on the safe side should still not upgrade to the beta build of iOS 6.1.1 if they want to maintain a jailbroken device. Although Apple has not patched the exploits, it is possible that the company simply did not have time to address them in this initial release and that future beta builds will once again prevent jailbreaking.

Those interested in closely following the development of evasi0n can continue to watch the jailbreak's website and the development team’s Twitter feed.

Once again, our standard disclaimer: jailbreaking is relatively easy and safe but does carry certain risks. Modifying your iDevice’s software is a violation of Apple’s end-user license agreement and the company may refuse to provide warranty service on a device that fails during a jailbreaking process or while in a jailbroken state.

[via iDownloadBlog]