Fitbit Intros Aria Wi-Fi Connected Scale

Fitbit expanded its health monitoring gear lineup on Monday with the introduction of its new Fitbit Aria scale. The scale connects to your Wi-Fi network and automatically uploads your weight, body mass index, and body fat percentage data to your online Fitbit account.

The Fitbit Aria scale tracks your weight and BMIThe Fitbit Aria scale tracks your weight and BMI

The Fitbit Aria includes sensors that measure body fat and lean mass instead of basing the numbers only on your current weigh, age and height. The Aria can track data for up to eight people, can share your weight via Twitter, and automatically senses which person is standing on the scale, too.

The scale’s data can be viewed via web browser, or through Fitbit’s free iPhone app.

The Aria scale is priced at US$129.95 and is available at the Fitbit website.