Fixing the Washington Monument? Use an iPad

Crews have begun inspecting the Washington Monument following August’s Washington DC earthquake, and one of the tools engineers are carrying as they scale the stone tower is Apple’s iPad.

iPads in Washington Monument repairsApple’s iPad helps in Washington Monument repairs

A four-person team has been inspecting the outside of the Washington Monument with rappelling gear on the hunt for damage armed with iPads, digital cameras and masonry tools, according to TIME. The iPads include details from the monument’s 1999 restoration which should make it easier to spot new cracks, damaged masonry and other potential problems.

The August 23 earthquake registered 5.8, and while the monument appears safe, the inspection will help determine if extra repairs are needed.

The engineers conducting the inspections will be making multiple passes down the monument’s surface over several days. Presumably they’ll wait to play Angry Birds until their feet are safely back on the ground.