Flash Square Includes 64-bit Mac Support

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Adobe posted a preview version of the Flash Player, code named “Square,” that adds 64-bit support to Mac OS X on Thursday.

The Square preview offers little extra beyond native 64-bit support, although the Windows version also includes hardware acceleration support for the public beta of Internet Explorer 9.

Adobe’s Square Flash Player preview is available for download at the Adobe Labs Web site. Since this is a preview version of the Flash Player application, it may be especially unstable and shouldn’t be installed on mission critical systems.

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Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

I sure hope 32/64 bit doesn’t cause a fragmentation problem like we’re seeing with HTML 5 now. But then again, seamless interoperability is kinda overrated, right?


This dead horse is beginning to smell. Why don’t Adobe and Envyboys just give up and move on to a new bowl of pottage.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Always good to see how quickly the bullyboys get their marching orders.

(And there’s plenty more picking on mindless Flash haters where that came from.)

Lee Dronick

Why don?t Adobe and Envyboys just give up and move on to a new bowl of pottage.

They are in their dotage smile


It’s not mindless hate of Flash. It’s rational hate of Adobe. If that place was leveled by a meteor (that it hasn’t is another indication that there is no god) there’d be no tears here.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Yeah, they are a wonderful bogeyman for everything that ails you. I get that. In SoCal, we have quite a few residents of Mexican descent. Many are legally residing here and many are not. It’s common to hear people hating on them too for all sorts of “reasons”. Yet, you rarely see any “Americans” (codeword for “white guys”) working on those landscaping crews that keep the neighborhoods looking nice or working in kitchens so that we can all go out often for a quick and comparatively inexpensive meal.

Well, at any rate, I thought it was cute today how mainstream advertisers and websites are facing legal action over using a key HTML5 feature to track people. Why worry about coding errors compromising your security when an industry spec can build insecurity right into the product?


Rational, not irrational. You’re projecting again.

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