Flash'in'App Now Available for Mac

Eltima Software released Flash'in'App 2.0 on Wednesday. Flash'in'App is a Cocoa framework that lets developers load and manage Flash movies within Mac applications.

Flash'in'App 2.0 allows users to load, play and manage SWF files within this utility. The application can communicate with SWF files through External API, FSCommands and Variables.

Flash'in'App also allows developers to create Flash interfaces for Mac applications. The framework can be used to set Flash background color for playback, to specify the scaling option used to display the Flash movie, and to set vertical and horizontal movie alignment.

Flash'in'App is available through the company’s Web site. A single developer license costs US$399.95. A company license is available for US$699.95. A source code license can be purchased for US$1,950.00.