Flimsy Rumor Claims iPad Air 3 still Coming this Fall

A new rumor claims the iPad Air 3, which wasn't announced at last week's media event for the iPhone 6s and iPad Pro, is going to be released this fall. It goes on to say the new model will have pretty much the same specs as the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, but will stick with the familiar 9.7-inch screen, or maybe go with a 12-inch screen. Either way, the report seems flimsy at best.

Is an iPad Pro-level iPad Air 3 coming this fall? Not likely.Is an iPad Pro-level iPad Air 3 coming this fall? Not likely.

Sources speaking with Latinos Post said the iPad Air 3 could feature-match the iPad Pro, or even have better features. That seems highly unlikely. The iPad Pro will ship this November with an A9X processor, 2,732 x 2,048 pixel 12.9-inch display, 32 GB and 128 GB storage configurations, and works with the just announced Apple Pencil stylus.

It doesn't make sense for Apple to release an updated regular-size iPad this fall for a couple of reasons. First, the iPad Pro was introduced. Apple wants to keep the focus on its brand new tablet, and releasing what amounts to a smaller screen Pro would eat into potential sales.

Second, Apple updated the iPad mini to match the iPad Air 2's specifications, but with a 7.9-inch display. There wasn't any mention of the iPad Air during last week's media event beyond seeing it listed on a single Keynote slide with pricing.

Finally, Apple gave us its money shot last week with new iPhones, a big screen iPad, and new Apple TV models. There wasn't any mention of new Macs, and with the news that OS X El Capitan is coming on September 30, it's a safe bet there won't be another media event this year.

The iPad Air could get an update next year when Apple feels it won't have a big impact on iPad Pro sales. It won't, however, get so many new features that it turns into the iPad Pro mini—or surpass the iPad Pro's feature set.

The bottom line: There isn't going to be a substantial iPad Air update this year, and wishing on rumors doesn't make them true.