Flipboard Finally Comes to the iPhone

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Flipboard announced the immediate availability of Flipboard 1.7 on Wednesday. The update for the previously iPad-only magazine-style social network viewing app added an iPhone-native interface along with a new Cover Stories feature that shows content based on what you check out most often.

Flipbard for the iPhoneFlipbard for the iPhone

Cover Stories groups photos, status updates and articles for easy viewing, and automatically updates what it displays based on your viewing habits. Version 1.7 also added support for multiple account support so more than one user can view their own content in the app.

Flipboard 1.7 is free, and requires iOS 4 or newer. It’s available for download at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.

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It doesn’t seem to like my internet connection, as I can’t seem to get past the initial category pages.  Anyone else having trouble?

PJ Meyers

Having the same problem as Brent. Doesn’t find my internet connection,can’t get by category pages either.

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