Following T-Mobile's Lead, AT&T Announces Limited 1-Month Data Rollover

U.S. wireless carrier AT&T announced Wednesday a new plan to let subscribers to its Mobile Share Value plans rollover unused data, about three weeks after competitor T-Mobile announced a similar program called “Data Stash.”

Beginning January 25, all new and current AT&T Mobile Share Value customers will automatically receive the Rollover Data feature at no additional cost. Now, all Mobile Share Value customers will have their unused, shareable plan data in a given month roll over to be used within the next month. The best part is that it is simple and easy to track, and Rollover Data benefits the whole family or business – across all smartphones and devices on the same Mobile Share Value plan.

As noted in the company’s press release, an important difference exists between the rollover plans offered by T-Mobile and AT&T. T-Mobile’s Data Stash plan lets users continuously roll over data for up to 12 months, while AT&T’s new program requires users to consume each month’s rollover data during the following month. Further, AT&T’s program requires that users consume their normal monthly data allotment before they’re able to access their rollover data, as the company illustrates in their press release:

As an example:

If you have four lines and have a 15GB AT&T Mobile Share Value Plan and only use 10GB in a given month, you’ll roll over 5GB and have a total of 20GB available to use within the next month. If you were to only use 10GB in the second month, you’ll again roll over 5GB and have a total of 20GB available the next month. Bottom line: if you have unused plan data this month, it automatically rolls over to be used within the next month in case you need more than your plan’s allotment.

This makes AT&T’s offering far less attractive on paper than T-Mobile’s Dash Stash, but it’s still a new benefit that the company’s customers who cannot switch carriers will be able to enjoy. This also makes Verizon the only member of the big three U.S. wireless carriers to not offer consumers a data rollover option.

AT&T’s rollover feature will be automatically enabled on eligible plans starting January 25th.