Font Book: Finding Bad Fonts

Pro font manager applications like FontAgent Pro and Suitcase can find fonts on your Mac that may have gone bad, but that doesn't mean budget-impaired users can't check fonts for problems. Apple's own Font Book application can handle that task, too, and it comes bundled with Mac OS X.

Font Book can check for problem fonts

Here's how to check a font for problems with Font Book:

  • Launch Font Book. It's hiding in your Applications folder.
  • Select the font you want to test from the Font column.
  • Now choose File > Validate Font.

Green checks mean your selected font is A-OK

Font Book will check the selected font for problems, and it even lets you remove fonts, too. This is especially handy if applications are randomly crashing and you can't find any culprit causing the stability problems -- in some cases, it might be as simple as a bad or damaged font, and removing the problem font can make the problem go away.