Food & Drink? There’s a New Category in the App Store for That

A new Food & Drink category is now available in the iTunes App Store. The category is meant for apps that “help users cook and bake, mix drinks, manage recipes, find new restaurants and bars, and learn what their friends like to eat and drink,” according to Apple.

A few weeks ago, Apple sent a note to developers that there would be a new category in the app store available soon. If their app had anything to do with - wait for it - food and drinks, it would be migrated to the new category unless they opted out by July 8. That change went live today.

Food & Drink Category

The new Food & Drink category in the iTunes app store

Food & Drink becomes the 23rd category available in the US iTunes store. It is not intended for apps that are focused on diets, grocery shopping, coupon clipping, or food-related games.