Forbes Analyst Makes Realistic Apple Earnings Assessment, Confuses Clickbaiters

$AAPLForbes contributor Chuck Jones spelled out his predictions about Apple’s March quarter. In a break from virtually every other analyst ever, he lays out the facts and his conclusions with a minimum of hand-wringing and no sounding of the DOOMED bell.

In his piece, he lists Apple’s guidance information and compares it to his own modeling. He then proceeds to point out that he has "unknowns" to consider as well. Those unknowns are China’s impact on iPhone sales worldwide, if the “next iPhone” rumors are causing people to hold off, and carrier upgrade restrictions limiting sales.

Overall, Mr. Jones characterizes the numbers as “nothing to get excited about,” because his predictions are for revenue and and iPhone/iPad sales to be flat overall. That sounds like bad news until you read his estimate of revenue for the quarter (remember kids, a quarter is three months) comes in over US$43 BILLION dollars.

Wait, what? No mention of what Apple MUST do in order to survive? Not a single invocation of the words DOOOOMED, beleaguered, or Steve Jobs? Chuck Jones sounds all reasonable and level-headed. I'm convinced it's just a question of time before a gang of untethered-from-reality analysts appear at his door waving torches and pitchforks and iPhone 6 cases.

I felt the need to report this because it is the opposite of what we have become accustomed to with analysts, although technically he's a former Wall Street analyst turned pundit. Who knows, though? Maybe this level-headed approach for Apple could catch on with the pundit class? It could happen.