Ford Unveils Siri Eyes-Free Support in Ford Sync and MyTouch

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Ford announced Friday Siri Eyes-Free support for Ford owners with Sync. The update will allow Ford drivers to activate Siri through a long-press of the, "voice recognition button on the steering wheel, similar to how to activate Siri on an iPhone."

A promo video for the new feature from Ford:

Customers will be able to:

  • Make phone calls to contacts in their address book
  • Look up phone numbers for restaurants or other points of interest
  • Set a reminder or alarm
  • Ask about the weather
  • Select and play music
  • Audibly send and receive text messages
  • Get directions through Apple Maps

The feature is being added through a software update users can download themselves. Engadget noted that European customers will have to visit a dealership to get the update, though a downloadable version is planned for the future.

Ford said it will work on Ford cars with Sync or MyTouch on model years ranging from 2011 to 2016.

Ford Sync is not in any way an iOS-related feature, nor is it an Apple CarPlay platform. It was originally built on Windows Embedded Automotive, and the next major version is planned to run on QNX from BlackBerry. Accordingly, this represents a major effort by Ford and probably Apple, to build support for Siri Eyes-Free into Sync.

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Lee Dronick

Finally! I am going to download it and install.

Lee Dronick

Groan! I need to format a 2GB USB drive in a special format. I am a few weeks away from scheduled service and will let the dealer install the update. There is also a nonurgent software update for the transmission control model that the dealer needs to install.


Lee, what Ford do you have? I have to take my Fiesta in to check on some weirdness with my transmission. Maybe they can do the Sync update too.

Lee Dronick

FlipFriddle, we have a 2014 Focus Titanium. Yes, the dealers will update the Synch software.


Thanks. Probably not the same tranny, but you never know. I’ll have to try this out. I didn’t get the sense that Sync was going to get any updates since I heard Ford was going to dump MS for Blackberry (!) for their infotainment provider.

Lee Dronick

About half of Synch is pretty good, the other half has Ballmer written all over it. The system autoconnects to my wife’s iPhone, it is her car, but if I am in the car with her and want to connect mine there are a number of hoops. Click on the Comm icon on the LCD. Click on Connect Phone, chose mine from the list. Then click on Connect. Good grief! Just let us click on the phone name.

On the other hand click on the Synch/Siri button and say “Set the heater to 75” and the temperature setting changes.

As to the transmission, ours is a 6 speed automatic. It is quite smooth and I don’t notice it changing gears.

Lee Dronick

I am guessing that the A/C control and such is Ford’s MyTouch while the iPhone connectivty is MicroSoft SYNCH.

Daniel Meyer

Been using this for two months in my ‘14 Escape with MFT. Maybe they’re just now formally announcing it. Anyway, it works really well. Hold the Sync button for 3 seconds to activate. Siri can do everything except for a handful of things it locks out due to being in the car, a safety lockout (she won’t let me launch apps for example).

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