Ford Bringing iTunes Tagging to New Cars

Ford is jumping on the iTunes band wagon with the addition of HD Radio and iTunes song tagging in several of its 2010 car models. The feature will let users tag songs they hear on the radio so they can be purchased at the iTunes Store.

According to Ford, it is the first company to offer HD Radio as a factory installed option.

HD Radio includes extra information about songs along with higher audio quality. The extra data that's transmitted along with the songs lets listeners tag tracks for later review. The data downloads to your iPod and appears as a tagged song playlist in the iTunes application.

Tagged songs can be previewed and purchased at Apple's iTunes Store.

About 2,000 U.S. radio stations are broadcasting HD Radio, and they don't require special subscriptions just like traditional commercial AM and FM radio stations.

Ford hasn't announced yet which car models will offer HD Radio as an option.